• CANADA EAST & FLORIDA INTER-CHAPTER MENTORSHIP PROGRAM Looking for one-on-one help from an expert?   SCBWI-Canada East and SCBWI-Florida have joined forces in creating a Mentor Program for SCBWI members to receive individualized help from more experienced writers and editors. To encourage as many members to participate as possible, we are offering this program with an open deadline. In other words, there is no date by which you must make the initial submission of your manuscript. The deadlines that you and your mentor will be expected to meet thereafter will be determined once the two of you are matched up. Here’s what you need to know about the program: How it will work:   Picture Books/Nonfiction: For manuscripts up to 3,000 words, you will pay $200 plus a $50 SCBWI administrative fee. If your manuscript is longer than 2,000 words, you will get two critiques and two Skype, Google Hangout, or phone sessions. If your manuscript is 2,000 words or less, you will get four critiques of that manuscript and two Skype, Google Hangout, or phone sessions. Or, if you prefer, you may add one additional manuscript, no longer than 2,000 words, and get two critiques and two Skype, Google Hangout, or phone sessions.   Novels/Nonfiction: For novels and full-length nonfiction manuscripts, you will pay $4.00 per page plus a $50 SCBWI administrative fee. There is a $250 minimum charge for this category. The $4.00 per page fee will include the cost of two critiques and two Skype, Google Hangout, or phone sessions. If the second pass of your manuscript is longer than the first one, you will pay an additional $4.00 per page for the extra pages that you added to the manuscript.     What you need to do if interested: Take a look at the Meet Your Mentors page (click image below) and select your top two choices of mentor. Send the names you have chosen with one picture book manuscript, or five pages and a synopsis of your longer work to canadaeast@scbwi.org if you are seeking a Canadian mentor or florida-ara@scbwi.org if you are seeking a U.S. mentor. Manuscripts must be in 12 pt. font and Times New Roman, with one-inch margins on all sides. You may separate your chapters by putting four spaces between them. What will happen after you send in your manuscript:   If one of your chosen mentors is available, we will match the two of you up, and give you a deadline for sending your mentor the manuscript(s) (usually one month later).  At that time, if you are choosing a U.S. mentor, you will send your $50 administrative fee to Linda Bernfeld. (You will be sent the address through email.) At the same time you will send half your payment to your mentor, who will provide you his/her address. If you are choosing a Canadian mentor, send your money to canadaeast@scbwi.org. If the code in front of your mentor's name reads "Canada," send your fee in Canadian dollars. If it reads "Canada-USD," send your fee in U.S. dollars. Your mentor will return your manuscript(s) with his/her critique by a predetermined deadline date that is no more than three months later. Around that time, you will have your first Skype, Google Hangout, or phone session. You will then have two months to revise and send back your manuscript(s) to your mentor, and to make your final payment to your mentor. You will receive your final critique and Skype, Google Hangout, or phone session no later than one month after your manuscript has been returned to your mentor. (Those with more than one picture book may work out a schedule to accommodate the additional Skype, Google Hangout, or phone sessions.) Because we don’t know how many manuscripts we’ll get, your first- or second choice mentor might not be available. In that case, we may suggest another mentor, or you may choose to opt out of the program. If you have any questions about the Mentor Program, please email Dorian Cirrone or Linda Bernfeld in Florida, or Alma Fullerton or Michelle Jodoin in Canada.
  • SCBWI Florida Rising Kite Writing Contest, 2016 AND THE WINNERS ARE . . . PICTURE BOOK CATEGORY Honorable Mention/6th Place—Picture Books GAA-ZANGA! CHARLIE’S CRAZY HAIR DAY by Lorelei J. Polden Honorable Mention/5th Place—Picture Books HENRY WINGS IT by Norma Davids Honorable Mention/4th Place—Picture Books FRIGGARD GETS RE-FROGGED by Stephanie Salkin 3rd Place—Picture Books CORBETT GETS LEFT ALONE, TOGETHER by Thomas Johnson 2nd Place—Picture Books FINLEY’S MAGICAL BLINKING ADVENTURE by B.J. Lee (Beverly J. Sweetman) 1st Place—Picture Books CINDERGORILLA by Jude Mandell MIDDLE GRADE CATEGORY Honorable Mention/6th Place GABRIEL TOWERS AND THE OBSIDIAN DOOR by Matthew G. Tinley Honorable Mention/5th Place DIFFERENT by Janet McLaughlin Honorable Mention/4th Place BUDDY AND THE BIG BAD WOLF by Ann Meier  3rd Place—Middle Grade THE DOLPHIN NEXUS by Jennye Kamin 2nd Place—Middle Grade THE MIGRATIONS OF PATTYCAKE MCGHEE by Ann Morrow 1st Place—Middle Grade ITCH by Lorin Oberweger YOUNG ADULT CATEGORY Honorable Mention/5th Place—Young Adult SOLD MY SOUL TO ROCK AND ROLL by Jodi Lyn Turchin  Honorable Mention/4th Place—Young Adult FOUL PLAY by Faran Fagen  3rd Place—Young Adult TRAPPED ON OCKOR by Jane Ellen Freeman 2nd Place—Young Adult HEADBANGER by Tori Kelley 1st Place—Young Adult  COLLIDING SKIES by Debbie Koristz Congratulations all winners and thank you all participants.
  • SCBWI FLORIDA TAMPA BAY AREA MEMBERS FEBRUARY MEETING Featured Speaker: Rob Sanders Topic: Simple Revision Strategies that Really Work  February 6, 2016 2:00-4:00 p.m. Bloomingdale Public Library 1908 Bloomingdale Ave., Valrico, Florida A carpenter needs a workshop full of tools. A mechanic’s tools fill a garage. Writers need a toolbox, too—a revision toolbox. Of course, there’s not one tool that will fix every writing problem, so you need to stock your toolbox with a variety of gadgets, gizmos, and whatchamacallits. Once you diagnosis a problem with your manuscript, you can pull out the just-right tool, and get to work.  This workshop will introduce you to thirteen simple, effective revision strategies that will allow you to build a stronger manuscript. We’ll be using the tools we discover during the session—none of that sit-and-get stuff for us. Novelists, bring at least one chapter. Picture book writers, bring an entire manuscript or two. Be ready to work, learn, share, and have a great time together. Rob Sanders is a former editor, a writing teacher, and a picture book writer. Since getting serious about writing picture books seven years ago, he has sold six books to three major houses, has landed a terrific agent, and has gained unparalleled riches and fame. Ok, the last part’s not true, but everything else is! Do you have information or a celebration to share? Email Rob at: srobert262@aol.com. Looking for a critique group in our area? Email Susan Banghart at: sbanghart@verizon.net.     Rob Sanders Cowboy Christmas Golden Books/Random House Outer Space Bedtime Race Random House Children's Books Ruby Rose--Off to School She Goes HarperCollins, 2016 Ruby Rose Big Bravos HarperCollins, 2017 A Flag For Harvey Random House, 2018 Web site: www.robsanderswrites.com Blog: www.robsanderswrites.blogspot.com Facebook: RobSandersWrites Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/robsanderswrites      
  • South Florida Upcoming Events Feb 6 -  Lorin Oberweger, Hagen Ranch Delray 2-4 TURNING UP THE HEAT: How to create dynamic, high-impact scenes Many writers create exciting premises, dynamic story openings, and shattering story climaxes, but their middle sections? Zzzz. Too often, they create situations that rob their stories of tension, keep their protagonists spinning their wheels, and turn down the heat until their stories go cold. Together, we’ll examine the concept of high and low temperature scenes—and plots— and discuss ways in which we can deepen and add complications to our stories and keep turning up the heat on our characters from beginning to end. We'll also touch on issues of pacing and emotional focus to make sure scenes and stories are super-charged on all levels. Bring your complete picture book MS or a couple of scenes from your MG or YA novel, and come prepared to work! :) Feb 6 -  Lorin Oberweger, Hagen Ranch Delray 2-4 Mar 19 - Laurie Friedman, West Boynton Beach Library on Jog 2-4 Apr 16 - April is for Authors group trip (Looking into Cathy Castelli teaching public speaking on April 9th) May 21 - Steven dos Santos  Jun 10-11 - 2016 Mid-Year Workshops at Disney World Jul 16 - Dorian Cirrone Aug 20 - Janeen Mason Sep 17 - Debbie Reed Fischer Oct 15 - PB author (TBA) Nov 19 - Marjetta Geerling Dec 17 - Joyce Sweeney
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SCBWI Mentorship Program is here! We are pround to announce a partnership with the Canada East region where aspiring authors and illustrators can partner with an establish and knowledgeable mentor to have their works critiqued, and provided editing, story, design, etc… direction for a minimal fee. See the link below to learn how you can join with the esteemed list of mentors and receive guidance towards improving your craft.
SCBWI Canada East & Florida Mentorship Program

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