Miami-Dade County

The Aventura Group

Group leader:  Stacy Davids

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted: 1-18-16

When, where, and how often the group meets:  The first Monday of each month.  7 – 9:30 PM.  Currently, we meet in North Miami Beach.  Email the group leader for specific location info.

Members in group:  6 to 10+ regularly attend.

Open to new members?  Yes.

What to bring to meetings:  Picture books: One manuscript.  Novels and other lengthy manuscripts: Up to 10 double-spaced pages.  Attendees may bring copies of their manuscripts for others to write on.

Focus/Genres:  To receive and provide feedback on manuscripts prior to submitting to agents and editors.  From Picture books to YA novels, including fiction and nonfiction.

Picture Book Writers' Critique Group

Group leader: Ruth Vander Zee

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted: December 19, 2013

This group meets bi-weekly in the cafe of Books and Books – Coral Gables. Contact Ruth for meeting times. 

Membership fluctuates, however, there are usually 4 – 10 people at meetings. 

Open to anyone who is interested in writing picture books. (Must attend three meetings before having a manuscript critiqued)

The Best Doggone Critique Group

Group leader: Mary Thorp

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted: 1/14/13

When, where, and how often the group meets:   Tuesday nights,7:00 p.m., Barnes & Noble at 12405 SW 88th St., Miami

Members in group: 8

Open to new members?  Yes.  Must visit three times as a guest before reading to group

What to bring to meetings: Members bring 10 pages of their manuscript or whatever they would like to have critiqued by the group

Focus/Genres:  MG and YA

The Grovey Coconut Grove/Miami Children's Critique Group


Group leader: Marjory E. Leposky

Contact info:

Co-Group leader: Miriam Barquera

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted: 1/5/17

Members in group: 7

Open to new members? Yes

What to bring to meetings: A note pad and pen will be need for all meeting. 

Please check with the FL SCBWI Facebook page or our Facebook group to see what is needed for for the monthly meetings. 

Focus/Genres: We are open to all types of writers and illustrators.

When, where, and how often the group meets: 

The Bookstore in the Grove

 3390 Mary Street Coconut Grove (Miami), FL 33133

(305) 443-2855

First Tuesday of every month at 6pm to 8pm.