Frequently Asked Questions

How can SCBWI-FL help me get published? While we can’t get you published, we can help you deepen your knowledge of craft, put you in touch with other writers in order to network, and expose you to award-winning writers, agents, and editors from whom you can learn all about writing and publishing. Many members have become traditionally published as a result of knowledge they’ve gained, contacts they’ve made, or critiques they’ve received at conferences.

What is SCBWI-FL’s position regarding self-publishing? SCBWI welcomes members who self-publish their books. You may sell one of your books through our booksellers at conferences. Note: some of our on-site booksellers may require you to sell on consignment.

What is a Comprehensive? A Comprehensive is a day-long workshop, which delves deeply into craft. Comprehensives are typically available in Picture Book, Novel, and Illustration. All Comprehensives are presented on the Fridays before the January Regional Conference and the Mid-Year Workshops. The cost of a Comprehensive is NOT included in the cost of the conference. You must register separately and pay a separate fee for a Comprehensive. Comprehensives are only open to SCBWI members.

May I register for a Comprehensive only? Yes, you may. But you must be a member.

What is a critique? Before the Regional Conference and Mid-Year Workshops, you may send in a picture book manuscript (no more than ten pages) or the FIRST ten pages of a novel for a paid critique by an editor, agent, or published writer. See website for deadlines and instructions before conference and workshops. All critiques are held on Saturday afternoons.

May I request a specific person to critique my manuscript? No you may not. Many factors go into the assignment of manuscripts, including whether an agent/editor/author accepts manuscripts in your category or genre. For example, some agents do not accept picture books. Some editors do not want to read fantasy. Some manuscripts might benefit from a critique by a professional writer in your genre who can make suggestions that would result in a more professionally written manuscript. Rest assured your work will be read thoroughly by at least three readers, who will then assign the best critiquer for your manuscript.

What is a First-Page Critique? You may bring a first page with no name for a possible random critique in a Comprehensive or on Friday evening. Please do not submit the same page for Friday night if it was already critiqued in a Comprehensive.

What are Boot Camps? Every September, SCBWI-Florida holds day-long workshops in various locations and on various topics for a minimal fee. Check our website and Facebook pages for information on times, places, topics, and registration information in August.

What does PAL stand for? Published and Listed. You are a PAL member if your publisher is listed on this page:

How can I join a critique group? Contact Mindy at for information or see our website page: You don't have to be a member to join a critique group, but you must be a member to start one.

How can I get up-to-date information on events? See our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, email blasts, and regular newsletters with info on member successes, new agents, etc. Send your good publishing news to