2017 Orlando Workshop Schedule*

*See bios of presenters here:


Friday, June 16, Comprehensives (9-5 p.m.)**

**In-depth, hands-on work in a small group.

Picture Book:

Toni Buzzeo, Rubin Pfeffer


Henry Neff, Bruce Hale, Francesco Sedita

Illustrator: (Mandatory assignments will be given ahead of time.)

Lucy Ruth Cummins, James Ransome

Saturday, June 17, Workshops (8:30-4 p.m.)

Picture Book: 

James Ransome, Lesa Cline Ransome, Lucy Ruth Cummins, and Rubin Pfeffer

Middle Grade:

Henry Neff, Mathew Ringler

Young Adult:

Lexa Hillyer, Tiffany Liao


Bruce Hale, Francesco Sedita

Verse Novels:

Alma Fullerton, Editor/Agent TBD