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Rising Kite Winners

Winners of the SCBWI Florida 2017 Rising Kite Writing and Illustration Contests!

1st Place—Melissa Tison
Twice Eaten


2nd Place—Susan Koehler
Dahlia in Bloom 


3rd Place—Sylvia Whitman 
El Diablo 


Honorable Mention—Janas Byrd
Rio’s Ghost


Honorable Mention—Suzie Grace
The Page Turners


Honorable Mention—Susan Lloyd-Davies
Zort & Meggle and the Orphan Fuddledut


1st Place—Audrey Ades
The Assassin’s Doctor: The Story of Samuel A. Mudd


2nd Place—Linda C. Carpenter
Eight Ticks on the Second Hand


3rd Place—Sophia M. Gholz
The Forest Man of India


Honorable Mention—Patricia Chen
How I Say I Love You


Honorable Mention—JC Kato
When Sachi Met Hiram


1st Place—Glenn Erick Miller
What Can It Become?


2nd Place—Chrissie Ferguson
The Gift I Sent Across the Sea


3rd Place—Sita Singh
Go, Mo, Go!


Honorable Mention—Candy Barnhisel
Cal and Sal at Unfriendly Farms


Honorable Mention—Susan Safra
Goldie’s Lox and the Three Baers


Honorable Mention—Muriel Knabb
Duncan’s Disaster


1st Place—Laurie Dennison
Pistol Candy


2nd Place—Jane Ellen Freeman
Beyond the Stone Eagle Gate 


3rd Place—Shari Thanner
The Rising Moons


Honorable Mention—Nancy Stone
Never Come Again


Honorable Mention—Michele T. Zakis
Left Behind


Honorable Mention—Cathy Castelli
Altered Ego


Rising Kite Illustration Contest winners! The prompt was: "For once, Ping kept up with the others."

1st Place—Veronica Cabrera


2nd PlaceKaty Betz


3rd Place—Zebo Ludvicek


Honorable mention—Lisa Ikegami


Honorable mention—Tracey Vinopal