Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2020 Illustrator Intensive Homework

 Create a short 3-5-page story with narrative illustrations that show a clear beginning, middle and end. Prompt and story are up to you.

  Include one finished piece based on one of your sketches to show how your sketches would translate into final art. Print out the illustration if it was created digitally, or bring the original art to show in class.

  Be mindful of where you expect the reader to “turn the page” you can use any combination of spot drawings, borders, or full bleeds. Develop your sketches enough for us to see what we need to see.

  We will be taping the homework up on the wall for a group discussion. Work no smaller than 8 1/2” x 11” per page. So that we can see the illustrations at a short distance. You may work at a larger size or different proportions, but work no smaller than 8 1/2” x 11” per page.

  Bring your homework with you on the day of the Intensive.