Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2022 Florida Regional Conference PB Intensive


Picture Book Intensive


with Miranda Paul, Baptiste Paul,

and Chris Krones



This intensive will lead you to understand how to shape a submission-ready picture book manuscript, including insights into navigating the emotional and business landscapes of publishing books for young readers and listeners. Agent Miranda Paul (who is also an acclaimed picture book author), awarding-winning author Baptiste Paul, along with editor Chris Krones, will lead this informative, hands-on intensive and show participants how to take their manuscripts to the next level and find their place in the picture book publishing landscape.


Glossary of Kidlit Terms

We know there’s a lot of information and jargon tossed out during conferences, so we’ve prepared a handy definition guide to help you. To access the Glossary of Kidlit Terms, CLICK HERE.


Homework for Participants:

•  Bring pencils/pens and something to write on and/or a laptop.

•  Bring to the intensive at least one board book or picture book work-in-progress or idea needing development. We recommend bringing a printed/hard copy of the manuscript.

•  Bring at least two of your favorite picture books. At least one being a recent release (within the last five years).

•  Optional: Bring a pitch for one of your completed picture books or board books—one per person. To learn more about creating and formatting your pitch, CLICK HERE.





9:10-9:45—The Power of Persistence: Revision to Publication with Miranda Paul

In this presentation, Miranda will discuss her varied paths to publication for several books and talk about the revision process—with tips for editing and communicating about feedback. She will showcase actual drafts and query letters and walk attendees through a general timeline (mentioning many deviations!) from idea to published picture book so there’s an understanding of what to expect, and to expect the unexpected.




10:00-11:00—The Power of Format: Styles, Structures, and Selections to Consider with Miranda Paul

In this presentation and workshop, Miranda will lead participants to learn how to use published picture books as mentor texts. She will guide those in attendance to evaluate these picture books in terms of format, style, categories, and structure. The discoveries made will help participants work to identify or shape their own choices for their manuscript(s) including voice, diction, and even physical attributes of the printed book.


11:00-11:15 – BREAK


11:15-12:00—The Power of Action: Making Your Picture Books Action-Packed Read-Alouds —with Baptiste Paul

We’ve all heard that quieter books are hard to sell. Quiet may not always be a bad thing, but if quiet is not your goal, there are things that can be done to avoid it. This presentation is designed to help you write in lively and engaging ways that will make your story reflect some of the aspects of a great action-packed, story-time, read aloud pick.




1:00-1:35—The Power of Poetry: Writing Short Stuff to Increase the Weight of Your Writing with Baptiste Paul

Picture book writers are generally encouraged to write tight! This poetry exercise will not only remind attendees of the creative and playful side of writing picture books but constrain them to generate new work in very short formats in a limited amount of time—forcing them to improvise and cut, cut, cut quickly! Be ready to put paper to pencil and to create some powerful poetry.


1:35-2:35—Hit the Bookstores: Observing the Picture Book Market with Chris Krones

In this market-forward presentation, Chris will lead you to discover where there might be gaps in the picture book market by looking at actual bookstore shelves. Discovering and investigating those gaps could allow you to create new text or fine-tune writing you’ve already done to meet an actual need. Lecture, brainstorming, and hands-on writing time will have you headed in the right direction and make for a more impactful and marketable manuscript.




2:45-3:15—The Power of Plotting: Mapping Out the Picture Book of Your Dreams with Chris Krones

In this workshop, Chris will introduce you to some favorite picture books to help you examine and understand plot structure. When you understand what makes a story work, you can apply what you discover to your own writing. We will discuss plot devices used in picture books and will unpack what makes a picture book story successful. Participants will map out one to two different picture book favorites and then use their conclusions to start to develop a new picture book idea of their own. The end goal is to craft a marketable story that everyone—agents, editors, librarians, teachers, and, most importantly, children—will love to read again and again.


3:15-4:00—Pitch Panel and Q&A


You may bring a formatted pitch for an anonymous critique by our three intensive faculty members. For formatting guidelines and more information about a writing and formatting a pitch, CLICK HERE.


Disclaimer: Our faculty will do their best to accommodate all who submit a pitch but may not be able to get to all submissions due to time constraints.