Seminole County

The Central Florida Young Adult Writer's Group

Group leader: Jessica Souders

Date this form was submitted: 1/9/2014

When, where, and how often the group meets: Bi-Monthly at 1pm at the Colonial Barnes & Noble

Members in group: 3

Open to new members: No (Members are determined by an emailed writing sample from the potential member. If existing members agree, the potential member will be asked to attend a meeting to see how well they mesh with the members of the group and so they can see how a meeting is run and given a copy of the groups’ bylaws. After that, they will be admitted to the group by a unanimous vote by existing members and agreement with the groups' bylaws.)

What to bring to meetings: All members who want a critique are to send pages to be critiqued (1-2 chapters up to 20 pages) by email to the group as a whole, no later than the Thursday before the meeting. Members will critique the pages before the meeting so that notes are available for explanation and discussion on the day of the meeting.

Focus/Genres: MG/YA/NA

East Central Florida Picture Book/Middle Grade Group

Group leader: Danette Lane

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted: 1/3/14

When, where, and how often the group meets:  Sanford, 3rd Friday of each month

Members in group: 6

Open to new members? No. 

*At this time we are unable to consider new members but you may email group leader with your request.

Focus/Genres: Picture Books and Middle Grade Fiction

CFL Reading YA Writers

Group leader: Steph Northwood

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted: 5/23/16

When, where, and how often the group meets: Last Saturday of every month. Meetings either in Lake Mary or Winter Park, depending on group preferences.

Members in group: (just starting)

Open to new members? Yes. 

What to bring to meetings: Contact before your first meeting. 

Focus/Genres: YA

At each meeting, we'll be looking at the inner workings of a book that is already published to take a closer look at how and why certain elements work and look to identify underlying structure and rules or breaking thereof. This is intended to be discussion format, not lecture. 

Members can bring their own work after having attended at least one meeting. If you would like to bring your own work, email no later than a week ahead of meeting time so we have time to review and plan it in. Specifics to be determined via email. 

Please note: This is NOT a book club. It is a critique group, we are looking at these books from the perspective of a writer.