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Critique Group Forms

Please fill out one of the forms below and e-mail it to me. I hope that all of our SCBWI FL members will have at least one amazing critique group soon!


Mindy Alyse Weiss

SCBWI FL Critique Group Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, and South Florida Meeting Volunteer

SCBWI FL Critique Group Form (Group leaders fill this out)


Group name:

Group leader:

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted:

When, where, and how often the group meets:

Members in group:

Open to new members?

*If not open to new members, what can people do to be put on a waiting list? (You can allow them to come as a guest, e-mail a writing or illustration sample, etc.)

What to bring to meetings:


Online Critique Group Form (Online leaders fill this out)

Group Name:

Group Leader:

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted:

What do you send the group and how often do you submit?

When are critiques due?

Do you submit via e-mail, forum, Facebook group, Yahoo, etc?

Number of members in group:

Open to New Members?

*If group is closed to new members, is there a way to be placed on a waiting list?


Range of group’s experiences: (can say something like newbies to published, intermediate, etc.):

Interested in Joining a Local SCBWI FL Critique Group


Contact info:

County and city:

Genre/s you write:

When are you available for meetings?

If there are no open groups that fit your needs near you, would you be interested in starting one?

Would you be interested in an online critique group?

Interested in Joining an Online Critique Group


Contact info:

Genre/s that you write:

Are you looking for a group for all genres you write, or do you prefer to focus on one, if possible?

If there aren’t any open online groups that fit your current needs, would you consider leading or co-leading a new online critique group?

Short summary of your writing/critiquing experience: