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Online Critique Groups

Online critique groups are forming now! If there isn’t an open group in your genre, send me a form and I’d be happy to help you start a new group.

Picture Book Groups


SCBWI SoFla Rising Starfish

Group leader: Lynne Marie (

Contact info:

754-201-1844 (Rings Home & Cell), 631-838-5300 Text, Cell

Date this form was submitted: 1/18/2016

When, where, and how often the group meets:

WHERE: Online

HOW: Submit Picture Book according to Schedule

WHAT: Picture Book Critique Group

(Currently Filled, but taking Wait Listers)

GENRES: Picture Books – Fiction and Non-Fiction.


YA Groups


YA Writer Group

Group Leader: Amanda Whitaker

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted: 09-23-2018

What do you send the group and how often do you submit? Once a month send up to 3000 words.

When are critiques due? Due the first of every month

Do you submit via e-mail, forum, Facebook group, Yahoo, etc? Submit via email

Number of members in group: 5

Open to New Members? Yes

Focus/Genres: YA Fiction

PB – MG & Children’s Magazine Articles Group

(This is run by one of our members, but not all members are SCBWI FL)

The Yellow Brick Road

Group Leader: Lisa J. Michaels (moderator)

Contact info:

Date this form was submitted: 7/28/2014 – Helping authors achieve publication since 2009!

What do you send the group and how often do you submit? We have a bi-weekly schedule that is posted on our privacy-protected manuscript exchange page. Members may post their manuscript on scheduled posting days.  

When are critiques due? Members have one week to critique two manuscripts of their choosing.

Do you submit via e-mail, forum, Facebook group, Yahoo, etc? YBR is a private blog site, viewable by members only, with several pages. The landing page is our “manuscript exchange” page, where members post their manuscripts for all members to see and choose from. Each member is responsible for picking two manuscripts to critique per session. They have one week to critique their choices and mail the critiques out to all members, so that everyone can benefit from them.

Number of members in group: On average, I like to have at least 25 participating members. Usually there are 4-5 other members in the wings, who are on vacation, have temporarily stepped out, or are on leave for one reason or another.  

Open to New Members? Yes

*If group is closed to new members, is there a way to be placed on a waiting list? Yes, we do have a waiting list on occasion. Please send your bio, headshot photo, and a 2-3 paragraph writing sample to be placed on the list. 

Focus/Genres: Picture Books, Early Chapter Books, Middle-grade novels, Children’s Magazine Articles, Cover & Query Letters. 

Range of group’s experiences: New writers are considered, depending on their skill level (determined through the submitted writing sample). This is a serious group of professional writers. Many have achieved traditional publication.

YBR is a large group and many manuscripts are posted per session (on average, 6-10). Each manuscript receives a minimum of 3 critiques. Although the posting of manuscripts is not required, each member is responsible for doing two critiques per session. Participation is required for continued inclusion.
An extra perk of membership is inclusion in the YBR promotional website.  

Interested in Joining an Online Critique Group


Contact info:

Genre/s that you write:

Are you looking for a group for all genres you write, or do you prefer to focus on one, if possible?

If there aren’t any open online groups that fit your current needs, would you consider leading or co-leading a new online critique group?

Short summary of your writing/critiquing experience: