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Dollops & Splodges (MG/YA Critique Group)


Description: We are a new group of MG/YA authors passionate about writing and honing our craft. We’re going to keep the group small, allowing time at each meeting to (1) critique work from each member, (2) discuss/analyze published books, and (3) discuss craft. If these activities appeal, please don’t hesitate to apply. 

Group leader: Charlotte Hunter

Contact Info:

When, where, and how often the group meets: Twice monthly, currently on Tuesday evenings in Lake Mary. Our location may shift depending on group member needs.

Members in group: 3 (out of 5-6 slots)

Open to new members? Yes, although we will keep our group small.

Requirements & Particulars:

(1) We ask that a prospective member send a sample of their writing, then visit one time as a guest, to ensure our critique group/process suits your style and desires.

(2) We are not beginning writers; current members are published & unpublished, but all have completed one or more manuscripts, are comfortable with the revision process, read widely in the MG/YA genres, and can both critique others constructively and accept criticism.

(3) Members submit critique material via Dropbox; super simple.

Focus/genres: MG/YA

What to bring to meetings: Brain, pen/paper/computer, an open mind, and a sense of humor.

The Central Florida Young Adult Writer’s Group

Group leader: Jessica Souders

Date this form was submitted: 1/9/2014

When, where, and how often the group meets: Bi-Monthly at 1pm at the Colonial Barnes & Noble

Members in group: 3

Open to new members: No (Members are determined by an emailed writing sample from the potential member. If existing members agree, the potential member will be asked to attend a meeting to see how well they mesh with the members of the group and so they can see how a meeting is run and given a copy of the groups’ bylaws. After that, they will be admitted to the group by a unanimous vote by existing members and agreement with the groups’ bylaws.)

What to bring to meetings: All members who want a critique are to send pages to be critiqued (1-2 chapters up to 20 pages) by email to the group as a whole, no later than the Thursday before the meeting. Members will critique the pages before the meeting so that notes are available for explanation and discussion on the day of the meeting.

Focus/Genres: MG/YA/NA