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Zoom Basics

Zoom Basics

  • Everyone will stay muted throughout the meeting. You can choose to keep your video on or off.
  • You can type questions in the chat box throughout the meeting. Members of our Regional Team will pull from your questions in the last part of the meeting.
  • If you have any tech trouble during the meeting, you can ask for help in the chat box.
  • If you have to leave during the meeting, you can just click “Leave Meeting.” However, please note that because of the limited number of participants, you may or may not be able to get back in.
  • Remember that the meeting will be recorded and the link to the recording will be posted on the FLSCBWI website for 30 days.RAISING A HAND IN ZOOM
  • When asked to answer a question, you can raise a virtual hand.
  • To raise your virtual hand, click on Participants and look next to your name for the Raise Hand button. Click on the blue hand.




  • Members of the Regional Team will call on random people to answer and unmute them. We will lower all hands and mute everyone again after the question has been answered. Please do not raise your hand other than to answer a question that has been asked.TO OPEN THE CHAT – CLICK ON THE “CHAT” ICON IN THE TOOL MENU  

    CHANGING YOUR NAME IN ZOOM (Please be sure your name is listed the same as in SCBWI)
                                                              TO TURN YOUR VIDEO ON / OFF