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2019 Miami: Illustrator Intensive Agenda

Friday Jan. 18, 2019

Salina Yoon, Author/Illustrator

Christy Tugeau Ewers, CAT Agency, Inc.


9 AM – Noon: Salina Yoon*


Ideal for illustrators with fresh or unique art styles and creative minds. We’ll discuss what concept books are and what helps them sell. We’ll also explore the process of inspiration, creation, and the submission process. Concept books built the foundation of Salina’s publishing career in phenomenal ways with over 130 concept books published. An in-class assignment will get your creative juices flowing and off to a great start! 

Noon – 1 PM: LUNCH

1 – 4 PM: Christy Tugeau Ewers*

CHARACTER DRIVEN: How to Visually Create the Written Character.

Christy will be discussing one of the most important skills of illustrating for children: visual character development! During a time in which she sees an influx of publishers and art buyers asking for “audition” samples of character sketches and characters-in-scenes, in order to win a book or project, it seems appropriate to revisit this important illustrative skill.

She will be giving real-life examples of successful character development – as well as some that didn’t quite fit the bill. We will talk about what makes certain character sketches rise to the top of the pile, as opposed to those that don’t WOW. It’s of utmost importance in this competitive market, full of talent, that you ‘think beyond the text when visually developing a written character. Christy will talk about how to do that, and how to impress your way to being chosen!

*There will be a fifteen minute break in the middle of each of these sessions.

The assigned homework will be critiqued by Christy and Salina. There will be sketching challenges during the day, so bring your favorite supplies.