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Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2019 Miami: Illustrator Intensive Homework

Christy Tugeau Ewers – CAT Agency


Try your hand at creating a character a publisher might request from Christy for a project. A few “auditions” by Christy’s illustrators are competed and one chosen by the buyer.


Artie is an 8-year-old African American boy, who was named after his grandfather.  He is the youngest and littlest boy in his class, and his best friend is the biggest kid in school. He has a confidence that doesn’t match his stature – but in reality, he’s very shy, and it’s a daily battle to cover that up. He usually masks his shyness with humor.

Artie’s favorite sport to play is baseball – because he plays right field, and no one ever hits the ball to right field (yet!). He can hang out there by himself, in the sun, in the grass, quietly – still being a part of the team, still playing, but not having to be funny and not feeling shy. Just being himself.

He lives in suburbia with three older sisters who either torment or ignore him, a mom and a dad who coddle him because he’s so small, and a medium-sized rescue dog named Bird. He talks to Bird about all the things he doesn’t tell people.




8.5 X 5.5 horizontal or vertical. This is the size the CAT Agency uses for clients’ postcards. If you plan to use your design for your own mailing, consider leaving space for your name on the front. Optional: add the lettering.

CONTENT: your choice

Character Study – Several different poses, facial expressions, outfits, etc.

A Spot – Artie and his dog or something

Full Scene – So long as Artie is big enough to really SEE.

MEDIUM: Use any materials you prefer to create the actual art.

For intensive class, bring a printed copy actual size (8.5in x 5.5in), your choice of paper.

For the powerpoint show, email a jpg of your (cropped) image, less than 8MB, to

Linda Shute at by Sunday midnight January 13, 2019.